For advanced users only

  • Go to Settings to allow app installs from unknown sources
  • Download Google Account Manager (FR : Gestionnaire de comptes Google)
  • Download Google Services Framework (FR : Cadre des services Google)
  • Download Google Play Services (FR : Services Google Play)
  • Download Google Play Store (FR : Google Play Store)
  • If you want new Launcher to skip the Amazon Environment, Download Launcher Hijack
  • Amazon block now Launcher Hijack. So now you need to rename the package with Android Studio or download the renamed file here

Your downloaded files is now in Download folder on your Fire OS files device.

  • Use Fire Documents to browse into Local Storage to find your downloaded files and execute it in order 1 to 4 and 5 if you want to change your Launcher
  • Reboot

Now on your tablet you can find Google Play Store Icon.

  • Open Google Play and install Google (Just type Google to see Google LLC)
  • Reboot
  • Open Google Play Store and install if you want, a new Launcher like Google Launcher or Microsoft Launcher or other
  • Open Launcher Hijack
  • Open Settings and navigate to Accessibility – To detect home button press – And press enable
  • Select your new Launcher for your Home Button action
  • Reboot